Thursday, May 25, 2006

Coffe Table Finished

Great team effort for this amazing coffee table, complete with felt pads, and shag rug - now what i am sayin.... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The making of a coffee table

Tonight we started to make a coffee table (my idea inspired by Audrey). After purchasing necessary tools from Home Depot (pronounced Home Deepowe) for $63, we now almost have a table worthy of a $300 price tag. We were getting frustrated looking around furniture stores for tables that looked like s**t, with $200 price tags, so why not build your own. Here you can see us sanding down the wood, priming it and painting the first coat.

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May 2006 - Moving to Denver

I have now moved to Denver, Colorado, to try out the mid-west American lifestyle. Everyone kept asking whether I was worried to move here, I wasn't as all is required is a plane ticket and a case full of clothes. Denver is a cosmopolitan town in the middle of the USA. It has some of the best snow conditions on the planet, and a great long lasting summer. It is known as the mile-high state because the state is a mile above sea level. Soon after moving here Audrey and I found an apartment on City Park, see the pic below of our first moving in meal. Our move was sponsored by the Rainer Fruit company.