Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nice hat

With my upcoming departure to Canada, I decided to pick up a new hat to keep me warm. Why a fur hat you might ask, who cares I answer as long as it keeps me warm - if only life was that simple. Whereas wandering around the streets of the fashion conscious (not in a versace way but in a cutting-edge-fashion-student style) streets around Spitalfields, wearing such a hat is a given. The hat would have to be a lot weirder to stand out around there. Adding an indian indian chief's headdress and wearing a dress would barely get me noticed. These are not the writings of someone who is complaining far from it, I love the attitude that anything goes because it is as far away as possible from the thing I detest the most - The Daily Mail, the people who read it and the depressing BS it spews out into the nations psyche. It is a shame that although I have worn the hat around my home town (Coventry) I wouldn't do all the time for fear of being harassed for not dressing in a chav uniform. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Cardiff Reunion

I am sure I have already blogged this, but it maybe one of those temprary bloogs that you never get around to publishing. I left work on the 30th September; left WestLB not work, I am still working; and this corresponded to a reunion in Cardiff for my university friends.

On Saturday we went for a walk on the Breacon Beacons (Parc Cenedlaethol Bannau Brycheiniog), which I presumed would be a "gentle stroll in the park", however as we were bing led by a hard core Geography teached ended up being more adventorous (in a good way) than expected. Neverless I felt again like the typical urban fool that turns up at country events in the most in appropriate gear. Result one pair of new ruined Diesel trainers, wet jeans, and a throughly enjoyable experience. Especially the trip behind the waterfall pictured above, in which we were soaked through. Only on the way back up did Muttley suggest that we should have done it in our boxers, mental note for next time. Posted by Picasa