Sunday, September 18, 2005

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Babysitting Louie

Louie and me watching Spider-man 2 on Saturday.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Friendly closure

My second Icelandic visitor was Sigurborg Anna Hjalmarsdottir (my Ex), we split up over a month ago, and in helping with the reconciliation, closing the relationship, she came over to finish things properly. I have had a good 4 and half years with this crazy thing ;-), and am genuinely happy to have been out with her. We had fives days of relaxing, partying and chatting. We were both sad to say goodbye, because who knows when we will see each other again. But I am glad that we have remained friends, not for any hope of reconciliation because I am passed that, but just to ends things well and to be a good friend to her. Thanks Bogga! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Science museum musings

Occasionally there is a working-class mentality that it is wrong, rude, or non-British to blow your own trumpet. Today I am going to break this rule by referring to an article which was recently published in "The Independent".

The essence of the article is guide to the degree of Civil Engineering and the stars of this subject in the UK. Here comes the trumpet, my course, PhD and subsequent research, is one of the 4 highest rated departments (5*) in the UK, and on a very short list of academic stars in this subject, my supervisor, Prof. B. I. G. Barr, is one of them. Looking for a picture to illustrate this fact is a recent picture of me at the Science museum in the UK. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 05, 2005

Another new Jones!

Kims new baby. I love this picture of Kim and thebaby because she has an innocent look of happiness about her. Either that or she is tired after 12 hours in labour. The baby's name is Conran Evan Angel Peake. He was born a month early (puhh I am coming out) on September 4th at around 4pm. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Waiting for Kim

I am sat in the waiting area of Coventry's Walsgrave hospital. It is 15.15 and Kim, my sister, is due to give birth in about an hour. I am tired after staying up until 0500 with Andri and Kolla, however this pales into insignificance compared to Kim's 12 hour labour stint.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Andri and Kolla visiting

Wanting to use mobile technology and wanting to report my latest visitors has led me to post this report from camden. Live from my mobile out an about around some old haunts.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Last day in work for a while

Last day in work for two weeks, yippee!  Although it is not a positive influence to be happy when you are not doing something you don’t want to do.  Therefore the only answer is to do something you enjoy, period.  It also requires a certain amount of relinquishment on the things that you think you want such as unnecessary gadgets, Versace wallpaper, Porsche 911.  However if you have tried something for 8 years and still have found no answer, then the best idea is to look for it elsewhere.

A wise man with a “elongated dorphal appendage” said to me today w.r.t. my new found state of singledom:

“A flying dove is a beautiful thing to watch soaring to ever higher heights, however if you tie two doves together, they fly no-where.”

Perhaps it was just because they were his words, or perhaps they connected within, however they were pleasing to hear.