Monday, November 21, 2005

Red Mountain Here I Come

Well I am getting quite excited at present, the thought of spending 11 weeks at one of the worlds best snow resorts is well just too damm exciting.

Where I am staying

I am staying in a little town called Rossland in BC, Canada ( Which is close to Red Mountain ( I will be there from the 5th Jan until the 23rd March, completing my 1 (and hopefully 2) CASI level snowboard instructors qualifications.

Resort Descriptions

The resort sounds fantastic here is a description I found online:

"The resort is made up of two mountain peaks, Red and Granite, both rideable 360 degrees around, offering an awesome variety of lines. There are wide open groomed pistes and a good terrain park but it's the off-piste terrain that gets people stoked on Red. "

And another good one:
"Aficionados claim this funky, old-fashioned cult resort at the old mining town of Rossland provides some of the most exciting and challenging tree and meadow skiing in Canada. Hard-up, would-be heli-skiers adore it - a day in this part of the Kootenays is like a day's heli-skiing without the helicopter."

I cannot fu**ing wait.

People Coming To Visit
There are certain times on the course where I will be busy completing my course qualifications. The CASI ( Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors) exam course date are as follows:
Level1: 14th - 16th Feb
Level2: 14th-17th Mar
The group I am going with recommend this company (, phone on 0208 776 8209. So feel free to contact them and mention "NonStop SKi and Snowboard".

Kinay Kinay Kinay
I guess what I find exciting about this resort is the fact there are no lift queues and that you can ride the mountain 360 from the top. This is something I have never experienced before and the unlimited amount of runs on the way down should be kinay kinay kinay. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 11, 2005

Out in Coventry and Leamington

Know what I'm sayin'. Spent a night out in Coventry then Leamington. The bars panned out like this:
1. City Arms - Earlsden - Wetherspoons pub - enough said.
2. Millsy in Earlsdon cool hip-for-Coventry bar.
3. Then got a cab to Leamington and went to three bars I can't remember the name of.
4. Rios, which by all accounts was a major meat market.

However there was a good bunch of us out so it didn't matter where we were really. And they played - and I danced to MJ. From left to Right on picture; Kim (Sister) , Michelle (Australia) , Audrey (USA), James (Bubbenhall) , Gene (Me). Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Lynton 2005

I have just spent a fantastic few days down on the North Devon coastline, with Ian, Laura Bohdan and Marla-Sophia at their current home town Lynton and Lynmouth. The whole area is fantastic, with beautiful scenery, loads of outdoor activities, great walks, and great surf. I don't think I have ever met a couple that cram as much into their day as these two. I had a wicked time down there, and look forward to living or visiting down there at some pomint in the future.

This is easily illustrated by our Saturday Itiniery (5th November).
7.00 am: Roll Call
7.30 am: Leave For Barnstaple
8.00 am: In Swmiming pool for 15 lengths (me).
9.00 am: Shopping and Cappuchino
12.00 pm: Visit school and take a look at the ground
3.00 pm: Back home quich change out to Woolacombe Bay
3.30 pm: Woolacombe Bay Surfing (Awesome).
4.30 pm: Hot chocolate in Red Barn at Woolacombe bay.
5.30 pm: Back home for tea
6.30 pm: Leave for fireworks display.
7.00 pm: Fireworks.
8.00 pm: Back home paned o de.
9.00 pm: Bed

This is all done with a 5 year old (Bohdan) and Marla (12 weeks). Awazing!
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