Friday, September 02, 2005

Last day in work for a while

Last day in work for two weeks, yippee!  Although it is not a positive influence to be happy when you are not doing something you don’t want to do.  Therefore the only answer is to do something you enjoy, period.  It also requires a certain amount of relinquishment on the things that you think you want such as unnecessary gadgets, Versace wallpaper, Porsche 911.  However if you have tried something for 8 years and still have found no answer, then the best idea is to look for it elsewhere.

A wise man with a “elongated dorphal appendage” said to me today w.r.t. my new found state of singledom:

“A flying dove is a beautiful thing to watch soaring to ever higher heights, however if you tie two doves together, they fly no-where.”

Perhaps it was just because they were his words, or perhaps they connected within, however they were pleasing to hear.

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  1. Hey, I love the new look on your website. I agree with what the wise man said, time for a new beginning, new exciting things. Hope you have a great weekend.

    x Guðrún