Friday, November 11, 2005

Out in Coventry and Leamington

Know what I'm sayin'. Spent a night out in Coventry then Leamington. The bars panned out like this:
1. City Arms - Earlsden - Wetherspoons pub - enough said.
2. Millsy in Earlsdon cool hip-for-Coventry bar.
3. Then got a cab to Leamington and went to three bars I can't remember the name of.
4. Rios, which by all accounts was a major meat market.

However there was a good bunch of us out so it didn't matter where we were really. And they played - and I danced to MJ. From left to Right on picture; Kim (Sister) , Michelle (Australia) , Audrey (USA), James (Bubbenhall) , Gene (Me). Posted by Picasa

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  1. wow looks like it was a great night!!!