Saturday, June 17, 2006

Not posted for a while

Well I have been in Denver for about 6 weeks now and the routine of life has settled into a nice pace.  My life loop at the moment involves getting up around 8am, for some reason I find that really easy to do here, going to the local coffee shop (St Marks) to work for a few hours, back to the apartment to work, lunch, afternoon of work interspursed with Jerry Springer and Dr Phil, followed by an evening in or out.  I have rented a piano for 6 months so I can annoy our neighbours with my "excellent" piano playing, currently learning the Brandenburg (I think thats how it is spelt) concerto No 1 and 5.  This fad (Andy) has lasted quite a while, and I have just remembered Andy's fad, the remote control car petrol thing.  The weather here is unreal ever since I got here it has been non stop sun, 100+, the weather is so hot and consistent,

On July 5th, we are going to Mexico for a week, to Puerto Vallartra, on an all inclusive, first beach holiday for, well I can't remember.  Yes I am a poor tortured sole who never gets a holiday.  Late August early september Mark is coming over and we are going on a road trip to LA, via Las Vegas.  Should be fun, hopefully Mark won't forget to bring his LFN ;-).

I am back in the UK from July 26th untl the 21st August.

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