Friday, September 15, 2006

Ingredients which should not be in the top 5 items in your food contents.

Things to avoid
1. Sugar
2. Enriched Flour (Flour with all the good things taken out) - look for Wholewheat flour instead.
3. CornSyrup - main ingredient in Coke.
4. No Hydronated Fat, Trans Fat, Or Saturated fat

Things to eat
1. Garlic - Salad dresssing (oil, garlic and lemon)
2. Tomotoes with olive oil
3. Olive oil (Dark bottle and in fridge), Use Grapeseed oil for food, don't damage oil with food.
4. Spinach (better than carrots for eyes). Saute' with oil and garlic.
5. Almond (don't roast)
6. Pomme Grannit - Great antioxidant as a drink

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