Friday, December 08, 2006

Richard Dawkins - The God Delusion

If you never read another book, you have to read this amazing piece of intellectual reasoning. Only read it if you are an atheist, or enjoy listening to a well researched theory, because as this book points out, and what most genuinely intellectual people know, there is unlikely to be a god. Very few writers have his eloquence of writing, this work is truly a joy to read. Here is the link to it at Amazon.

For a taster listen to the author's book reading, and QnA session, at Lynchburg. Click Here.

To see what reasoned argument is up against, watch this Christian training video, teaching god-believers how to deal with atheists. The reasoned arguments in this video are illogical, inaccurate and hilarious. However it does indicate that there is little point in trying to have a discussion with a "believer" as their minds are likely to be closed to free thought. Click Here

Finally for an additional comedy moment, here is an amusing review of the book from another closed-mind believer. Check out the English accent impression. Click Here

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