Thursday, February 12, 2009

Celebrating Darwin Day With A Collection Of Interesting Resources

Recently met someone who has read almost all the same books as me on matters relating to science, atheism, religious credulity. Here is a collection of their resources. Thanks Hank!

Atheist, Science and Humanist Websites

EvolveFish -Great site for science, atheist, humanist goodies.
Hank Ruff's Blog - The Grasp Reality blog and supplier of these links.
Atheist & Agnostic Definition Summary - Great page and site for reading up on atheism and reality.
Scientific consensus on climate change - Wikipedia summary of scientific and political consensus for climate change. - Wiki style site from The Atheist Experience in Austin, Texas. Great site and answers many questions posed by religious apologists. - Amazing site with a great video podcast library. Brian Cox has a few vids on there along with Bill Gates and Al Gore.
Video Resources
Famous Non Believers - Excellent collection with some surprising entries.
More of Hank's Videos Here

Thuderfoot's You Tube Channel - another you tube channel
Cosmology and the Qur'an - "This debate is a refutation of Dr. Richard Carrier's article, "Cosmology and the Quran", in which he attempt to point out that Islam is incompatible with modern science.
Sam Harris makes a joke and a point - Tres amusing! An interesting illustration examining the notion that Elvis is still alive.

Friendly Atheist - looks good!

Top Ten Atheist Books - Gene's top ten atheist reads at
Top Ten Science Books - In my humble opinion here is my recommended top ten science reads.

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