Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nice hat

With my upcoming departure to Canada, I decided to pick up a new hat to keep me warm. Why a fur hat you might ask, who cares I answer as long as it keeps me warm - if only life was that simple. Whereas wandering around the streets of the fashion conscious (not in a versace way but in a cutting-edge-fashion-student style) streets around Spitalfields, wearing such a hat is a given. The hat would have to be a lot weirder to stand out around there. Adding an indian indian chief's headdress and wearing a dress would barely get me noticed. These are not the writings of someone who is complaining far from it, I love the attitude that anything goes because it is as far away as possible from the thing I detest the most - The Daily Mail, the people who read it and the depressing BS it spews out into the nations psyche. It is a shame that although I have worn the hat around my home town (Coventry) I wouldn't do all the time for fear of being harassed for not dressing in a chav uniform. Posted by Picasa

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