Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tuesday 7th Feb 2006: Back in Rossland

After two weeks off because of injury (yet to be reported, hurt pride and other male emotions), here is a quick post, hopefully to be expanded later, of my activities.

Monday Jan 23rd: Broken Wrist
My worst fears came true today when I fell over, slow moving not jumping, and fell forward on the stump of my wrist, hand bent backwards into arm. Broke, stop exaggerating, I mean fractured two bones. My initial worry was that my money spent on this course, would be wasted, however after two weeks in Denver, I am ready to ride with the cast on. Ohh yes geekily the hospital had a digital x-ray display, wow!

Wednesday Jan 25th: Fly to Denver
Luckily I had originally planned to spend 5 days in Denver, with Audrey, but now I extended my stay for an extra week. I arrived there at 5.00pm, greeted by an eagerly waiting Audrey.

Saturday Jan 28th: Boulder
There is a little town 25 miles north of Denver called Boulder, apparently Mork & Mindy's house is there, thanks Mark, but we didn't see it. But by chance when I phoned Taylor that evening before he told me such fact I was saying on Skype "Mork calling Orson, come in Orson", how freaky was that, or simply my sub-conscious working in mysterious ways. Boulder was a great place, very hippified, granola-girl type place. I could see myself living there, nice smallish town with a good vibe.

Friday Feb 3rd: Estes Park
We rented a log cabin in Estes Park at the edge of the Rocky Mountain National Park. A very beautiful place, with wild Elk roaming the roads. The log cabin was great and we got upgraded to the Honeymoon Cabin, at great amusement to everyone I have told, the only honeymoon thing I could see in the cabin were three hearts, basket weaved above the bed. Estes Park is home to the Stanley Hotel, which is the one that is either featured or based on the book The Shining. On Saturday night we went for a meal at Mary's lake lodge, had to go there because it was recommended by Audrey's dad, and also it is called Mary named after my mother.

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