Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday 13th January - Stance the first level of the pyramid.

This week we have mostly been concentrating on the stance on our boards, concentrating on keeping hte body hrizontally and vertically aligned with the board. Snow falling almost every day has meant that the lessons have been cut shorter because we should experience the snow rather than doing drills on the runs. We have done a lot of steep tree riding which started off very difficult and I can honestly say at the end of the week I can notice some improvement, but to say I was even more of a novice through the trees would be streetching the truth a little. There is a run called Beer-Belly whic after a short hop thorugh some tight trees appers out of no where, which then descensds on some steep terrain, and then finishes with some boarder-cross through the trees at the bottom, we did this today again, and I am very happy with my progress through these runs. Admittedly there are a lot of face plants, but as the phrase goes, "If you ain't falling you ain't learning". Tonight we have the theory for our Avalanch course, and then we are being picked up at 7.15 am Saturday and Sunday for the practical on the mountain. Was looking forward to a lie in, but there you go, better to do it now rather than later hey? Saturday night we are watching Trail (town nearby) in a ice hockey competition, so looking forward to that.

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