Sunday, January 22, 2006

Friday 20th Jan: Steering, pivoting and a night of alcohol

The end of the week was spent concentrating on steering and pivoting. Steering the use of the legs to steer the board; pivoting moving your centre of mass to pivot the board of different parts of its length. Unfortunately on Friday there was another fresh 10cm so we spent all day playing, well jumping actually. At the beginning of the course, one of my objectives was to complete 180 off a jump. Well that objective was met, albeit not very prettily, on Friday, well several times on Friday. In the afternoon we did three runs of the Short Squaw, which involves a steep descent through trees which then opens onto an unused run with lots of natural jumps, the feeling of pulling off the 180 was fantastic, and I guess the next progression should be a 360. Kinay Kinay Kinay!!!

Since Saturday was to be my first day off in a while I had decided to go out on the Friday night. After dinner Shane, Alan and I went to play pool. The pool table was broken, well the incorrect cue ball was being used so that every time the white was potted, we had to get the staff to open the table to get the ball out. To try and restrict the white going down a rule was decided that everytime the white went down we had to get a round of Sambukas (sp?). At 2.30 am I eventually got home after playing and winning pool against everyone in the only bar in town, a recipe you may think for a punch up, but I think the alcohol immunized me against any negative local town thoughts. A good night was had by all, but I can't remember getting home, although I did phone Audrey at 2.30 am and spoke to her for an hour. I think I heard her yawning (at 4.30 am her time) and said "your not trying to go are you". Very funny!

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