Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wednesday 18th Jan: First Aid Course - Avalanche Transmitters

Part of the course and I guess an important part of becoming an instructor is to learn basic first aid. This Wednesday we completed an 8 hour introduction to wilderness first aid, have the certificate to prove it! I really enjoyed the course, once I had managed to dynamite myself out of bed. The main crux of first aid was the ABCDs:

A - Airway - Check it isn't blocked.
B - Breathing - Check for breathing.
C - circulation - Check for circulation.
D - Deadly bleeding - Check for Deadly bleeding.

I really do feel prepared to help in any first aid scenario.

We were also given (not in first aid course) Recco avalanche transmitters, which we should install in out boots, or helmets. These are rather like the store protection sticky labels you find on the back of CDs. Not that we do any dangerous stuff anyway, err I mean we are always in the backcountry hiking on cornices, and 72 degree slopes; but it is comforting to know that I have these with me.

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