Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tuesday 17th Jan: Level 2 in the pyramid pivoting and steering.

Building on last weeks stance and balance, this weeks topic is pivoting and steering. Pivoting correctly will only happen if you are standing aligned on your board, hence level 1 stance and balance from last week. Pivoting should occur around the centre of the board, for normal riding, and leads to you performing a professional carved turn, where the whole edge of your board is used. In the majority of cases learner and intermediate riders lean back with an open stance on their board, but are still able to turn, by using there back foot as a sort of rudder, fishtailing I believe it is called. The correct way for perfect carved turns is to be balanced correctly (centered and perpendicular to the slope), and to use the whole edge of the snowboard, so that it bites into the slope and produces a perfect 'C' in the slope.

Steering is the correct movement of your legs and knees whilst riding your board. One drill we tried was riding our board with out hands on knees, using them to steer around the bends. The upper body should always be relatively still (for normal turns) and I believe this technique is a component of performing the professional carved turns. My analysis of this technique has not been fully comprehended yet, so I will wait until Thursday and Friday to complete the Steering definition.

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